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We are a professional company provides Marine and Offshore Equipments in according with IMO and SOLAS rules and regulations etc. Most of our products have achieved MED certification (Marine Equipment Directive of European Union) and CCS (China Classification S...

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Company Introduction

HAILIAN MARINE MANUFACTURING is a professional company provides Marine Safety Spares and Environment Protection Equipments in according with IMO and SOLAS rules and regulations.

Our main products are

1. Firefighting Serie


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Aluminum Portable Wharf Gangway

Rope Netted Fender

Sacrificial Anode

Marine Scupper Plugs IMPA 23248

Beam Type Aluminum Gangway Ladd

Gangway Net Gangeway Ladder Net

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Product Catalog 2017

Product Catalog 2017

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SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2004

SOLAS Consolidated Ed

SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2004




Company Introduction

Our main products are

You have to know the common sense of self-help

Common sense of escape in distress



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